Our Team

Amjad Shuvo

Amjad Shuvo

CEO & Founder


Entrepreneurship is not only a word, but it’s also a dedication to so many years of ups and downs. These achievements realized me the true meaning of hard work. Also, I got the prophecy that you could not stick to one life. The more courage you will put in, the more benefit you will get in future.

With all the enhanced plans and their reflection in revenue, what Shuvo IT holds now is only a part of the beginning; let's keep it to the pinnacle of our success mountain. With your support and love, I could do what seems impossible

Team Creative

Zk Rana Test

ZK Rana

Front-End Developer

"Perfect strategy tends us to achieve our goals. I believe every day is an opportunity to bring perfectness.

team 10

Tamim Bin Aziz

UI/UX Designer

Hi, this is Tamim, I’m a UI/UX designer, and that’s all about myself. I can say that people ignore designs that ignore people.

team 8

Jabed Hosen

Web Developer

“I don’t think of myself as a developer. I see my codes, what gets alive when my fellow developers and designers colorize image.

Khalid new

BM Khalid Hasan

Creative Content Writer

"People love to read and receive simple information. Otherwise, no one will understand your most excellent plans.

Team SEO

Tareq new

Tareq Al Azad

Project Manager (SEO)

The SEO industry is changing its color every day, and it's quite challenging nowadays.


Meraj Mahmud

Sr. SEO Executive

The SEO industry is a challenging field. It's getting more complicated to achieve ranking.

Mehraj new

Md. Miraj Hassan

SEO Executive

In day by day, maintaining rankings is more challenging in SEO industries for Google.

Team Telesales & BPO Executive

Tina new

Sharmin Sultana

Telesales & Marketing Executive

There is a say that ‘Time will say for yourself.’ And here, I have been working for more than three years in a row.

Sumona new

Sumona Dango

Data & BPO Executive

“By joining BPO, I am certain to get to learn and know a lot of new methods in an efficient working environment with various people.

Nayema New

Jannatun Nayima

Data & BPO Executive

My joining at Data Entry & BPO. My journey at Shuvo IT has been transformative. I received both time & attention to enhance my collaboration skills.

Tajrin scaled

Tajrin Akhter

Data & BPO Executive

It is always my first choice to start my career with this.I desire to become an SEO Specialist with vast of knowledge in this field for achieving my goal.

Office Assistant

Salman new

Salman Ahmed

Office Assistant

There is a say that ‘Time will say for yourself.’ And here, I have been working for more than three years in a row.

Team Creative