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Unmanaged Virtual Private Server (VPS)

Looking for the most efficient VPS for your virtual workplace?

We have the perfect solution for you! Get in touch with us and enjoy a fully dedicated VPS hosting service. With powerful hardware and processing capability, we present super speed SD storage. So, you can build any types of website you want with our VPS hosting.

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Unmanaged VPS Web Hosting
Server Features


Turn Yourself Faster Than The Competition

We rely on the most dependable and durable solid-state drives to build our Virtual private Server. Using our servers, you can beat your competition by coming to the top of the search engine with a faster loading time.

control panel

Maximize Full Root Access & Control On Your VPS

Get benefits from 2 different control panels in our Virtual private Server. We provide industry-standard service so that you retain root command access. If you are a tech expert, enjoy the full control to install whatever you want.

customer service

Best Customer Service With Premium Tools

Our structure is based on premium tools and management service as a global hosting provider. Anytime you can contact our skillful developer team to solve any problems or prevent any unwanted bugs that haunt you.


What Comes After Faster?

We can preconfigure your hosting to give you the demanded speed and experience. Let us know your requirements and needs from our VPS hosting plans.


How to Prevent Disaster?

Clients are our best friends. So we give them the best shot as a responsible partner. We provide remote storage locations for backups so that you can restore data.


What About More Than One IP?

You can get the advantage of 2 separate IP addresses through our standard VPS services. We ensure your request of getting additional IP addresses for all our virtual products.


Our Pricing Plan

Your digital consultant will also be able to kickstart campaigns and maximize your marketing budget.

VPS Entry

500 Month

1-core CPU Processor
1 GB Guaranteed RAM
20GB Raid-10 SSD
1 TB Premium Bandwidth
2 Dedicated IP Addresses

VPS Entry+

1,200 Month

1-core CPU Processor
2 GB Guaranteed RAM
40GB Raid-10 SSD
1 TB Premium Bandwidth
2 Dedicated IP Addresses


1,500 Month

2-core CPU Processor
4 GB Guaranteed RAM
75GB Raid-10 SSD
2 TB Premium Bandwidth
2 Dedicated IP Addresses


6,500 Month

4-core CPU Processor
8 GB Guaranteed RAM
150GB Raid-10 SSD
3 TB Premium Bandwidth
2 Dedicated IP Addresses


7,500 Month

6-core CPU Processor
10 GB Guaranteed RAM
250GB Raid-10 SSD
5 TB Premium Bandwidth
2 Dedicated IP Addresses


8,200 Month

8-core CPU Processor
12 GB Guaranteed RAM
300GB Raid-10 SSD
6 TB Premium Bandwidth
2 Dedicated IP Addresses

Looking For Something Different?

Flexible Configuration and Migration

Managed VPS

In our managed VPS hosting, you do not have to worry about any server related issues. Instead, we take care of the maintenance, such as updating core, software installation, backup, security, etc.

NVMe VPS Hosting

Our NVMe VPS hosting will grant you to upload and download large files in a second! Apart from the traditional Hard Drives and SSDs, we will provide you physical server with NVMe Solid State Drives.


Why Shuvo IT can develop your website to perform the best

VPS stands for Virtual Private Server. VPS hosting gives super-user-level access that will allow us to utilize the OS and environment like a dedicated server.

VPS is actually a mixture of a shared and dedicated server. Renting a dedicated server is expensive. But, VPS hosting will let you rent a complete portion of the shared server yourself just like a dedicated server. So, it has some benefits than normal shared hosting.

VPS hosting works using virtual Operating Systems. Meaning, using one single server, you can use separate Virtual Box and VMware as your own server.

We take payment in multiple ways. You can send us payment over the bank, debit card, PayPal, or any other mobile banking system.

VPS hosting is a solution for those who cannot purchase a dedicated hosting service, yet need more control over the hosting environment to tune large business websites.

The provider configures the server in managed VPS hosting and keeps everything secure with regular maintenance.  On the contrary, the users have to conduct the basic admin task, security, and more.

You can choose to take our backup service. We are not responsible for backing up any data. But, if you want us to back up, we can help you with it. You can use two options for backing up. Manual backup, and automatic backup.

You can start your VPS server with one of our packages. We have divided our packages based on your amount and resource list. You can pick six different packages as listed below: entry, basic, standard, professional and premium.